Japan Day Three: Crunked (19.04.11)

Posted: 19.04.07 in Blogging

We touched down at Tokyo Narita Airport at around 9 am. The baggage arrived quickly so we went to get our rail passes and tickets for the Narita Express train into Tokyo itself. We got to the Shibuya district of Tokyo and onto Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel at about 11 am. It was a little too early to checkin there, so we went off to Kitanomaru Park near Kudanshita Station, home of the Nippon Budokan, where many a rock concert is played (none during our stay, I believe!). There I tried some cold green tea, which is the most vile thing on Earth (at least it was at that point of the holiday…). We took quite a lot of photos there, including the cherry blossoms which were quite well established. At around 4 pm, we headed back to the hotel to checkin. I was knackered by this point: I had only managed three hours of sleep in the space of over two days, so I went to sleep.

Two hours later, Weiran woke me up, wanting to hit the town. I was reluctant but followed. We went to the bar at the top of the tower. We had a couple of Kamikazes (which I now know to consist of one part vodka, one part triple-sec and one part lemon juice). The taste wasn’t great, but they went down easily enough. I also had some other drink, of which I cannot recall the name, but can tell you tasted of lemons and was slushy. Weiran had a White Russian.

Inebriated, we headed into the city in search of further drink, as diagnosed by Weiran. We made it as far as a Japanese fast food place, where we had some pork in noodle soup. Although it was nice, I didn’t finish it, and the pork was a little undercooked for my taste. We gave drinking a knock on the head after that, and headed back to the hotel.


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