Japan Day Five: Nikko and The 151 (19.04.13)

Posted: 19.04.07 in Blogging

We went to bed quite early having walked so much. But Weiran woke me up at 4 am, wanting to go to the Tsukiji fish market. We went, though we didn’t see any auctions. We wandered around for a while before venturing into a sushi restaurant. I had never eaten sushi before, so I anticipated an interesting experience!

I enjoyed the sushi I had, but I was soon full. I was also feeling a little delicate on the stomach from the day before, so I didn’t want to have too much in case the train bore the brunt of my fill. However, we went onto Nikko in the Tochigi Prefecture. There are five main shrines and temples, for which we bought a pass to visit all five. We saw Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnoji Temple and surrounding buildings for 1,000 yen. That lasted the day. I had another noodle soup and some cold sake. I didn’t like the sake. The noodle soup was ok, however!

On getting back I was tired, so I went to sleep. After an hour or two of sleep, Weiran woke me up again to hit the city. He wanted to visit Roppongi, a night club scene in Tokyo favoured by foreigners. I was rather adverse to going there, not least since I felt tired having got up at 4 am that day. We went into the Gaspanic Bar, a well-known sleazy bar with a no-drink no-stay policy. Weiran felt at home in the bar, featuring an all-night happy hour where all drinks were 500 yen (about £2.20). He bought me a vodka and red bull “to wake me up” followed by a shot of Bacardi 151. Bacardi 151 is banned by many bars, deemed dangerous, and is served only after lighting it. It has around 75.5% proof. I had about three JD and cokes after that. I requested Another Bites The Dust by Queen and Weiran requested Nelly’s Air Force Ones. My request was granted, to my short-lived delight. Not long after, and not surprisingly so, I was ill. I just about made it to the toilets before chucking up. This is the first time I had been sick during a night out. This is not good stuff!

Once I felt I couldn’t possibly chuck up any more of innards I bade Weiran farewell and left. I managed to wave off the advances of the men outside the stripclubs promising me “action”, I got a taxi and made it back in one piece. It was a spiritual day in many respects…


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