Japan Day Two: Rude Awakening (10/04/2007)

Posted: 19.04.07 in Blogging

The man at the desk wanted me out of the hotel at 7.30 am, probably to prepare for the guests coming that day. He came to my door at 7.15 am to ask whether I could leave earlier. I had woken up an hour earlier in anticipation, so I left. I declined breakfast, as I wanted to be at the airport in good time.

I paid £4 for my ticket to the airport and within an hour I was there. Terminal 3 is a building site at the moment. It was busy, too. Weiran had not arrived so I went upstairs to get my 23,000 yen (£100) and then onto Pret À Manger for a cup of tea and a cinnamon danish (you can’t beat cinnamon danish!). I decided I would try out the self checkin. It went ok, so I tried the bag drop. This took slightly longer: a thirty minute queue. As I dropped my bags off, Weiran rang. He was in the queue for online checkin. So that was another half an hour of waiting in queues. Once we were both checked in and ready, we went to go through the security check and that was another half an hour of queueing.

Once on the other side, we went to TGI Friday’s – my first ever. It was quite nice I guess! It was quite a while before our gate number appeared on the screens. We got there in good time though, and took our places on the plane. We went by Virgin Atlantic. The only flights I had ever made thus far were on Easyjet, so I was quite amazed by what awaited me. Screens on the back of seats were just the start. Throughout the flight we were given complimentary goodies, food, drinks and everything needed to have a comfortable journey. I suppose the flight was as comfortable as it could be, sitting in economy on an eleven hour flight. Having said that, I didn’t get a wink of sleep, and not for the want of trying!

I did however get some important things done. I watched two episodes of The Mighty Boosh (ones I had watched already, but funny all the same) and I watched Borat: Cultural Learnings… etc…. It was funny, but I get the impression that much more of it was staged and directed than the producers would let us realise.


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