Japan Day Nine: War and Char (19.04.17)

Posted: 19.04.07 in Blogging

Though we went to the Budokan on the first day, we neglected to visit the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, controversial since several Class A war crimes veterans of wars are named there. Apparently far-right protestors hang round in black vans, but we did not see any. We went to the nearby museum.

This museum is odd. It chronicles Japan’s war years until the end of World War II. Some see it as revisionist, and I have a tendency to agree. It rather glosses over the involvement of Japan in the Second World War in particular, and how war broke out in the first place. It is useful, however, to see another viewpoint. Their exhibits were both stark and interesting. Included was a kamikaze war plane. It said it has three engines that power the craft for nine seconds.

After the museum, we went back to Akihabara to top up the duty free. I got an Apple iPod (Weiran’s credit card worked where my debit card didn’t…) and Weiran got all sorts of stuff. That evening we went to a restaurant in Shibuya that cooked skewers while you wait, which was rather good. Pork heart was chewy but tasted good, and chicken skin was pretty good too. Neither was as chewy as “chewy chicken” though!


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