Japan Day Ten: Home James (19.04.18)

Posted: 20.04.07 in Blogging

We had to get up early again to ensure we got to Narita Airport on time. The Narita Express took us direct from Shibuya to the airport in a little more than an hour. The cost of the journey cleaned me out with regard to yen, save about 30 yen, roughly equivalent to 12p. After checkin, which took the best part of three quarters of an hour, we headed for the indoor mall in the terminal. We had sushi again, which was slightly less fresh, but nice nonetheless. Again I elected not to get too adventurous and opted to steer clear of the salmon roe: I thought it would be best not to tank myself up with weird fishy stuff before embarking on a twelve hour flight.

After buying Mum a Miffy doll and after Weiran bought some weird spongy stuff from the duty free, we got onto the plane. Our seats were similar to those we had on the way to Japan, only slightly further back, and Waz let me have the window seat this time. The take off was a little smoother: no wild panicked descent this time, which was good. I watched Notes On A Scandal starring Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett, and That Mitchell And Webb Look starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Both were also good.

As the plane approached England, I was amazed by how much I could recognise from the skies. There were few clouds, and I could make out the Isle Of Sheppey (in all its ‘glory’) and Sittingbourne in outline. As we got to London, we recognised several landmarks, including the Millennium Dome, White Hart Lane, Wimbledon, Twickenham and Canary Wharf. The landing was bouncy but not too bad.

I got to Kings Cross with an hour and a half to spare before my train departed. I had another wait for the bus when I arrived in Newcastle. It was foolish of me not to expect some sort of drunk coming onto the last bus out of Newcastle… and she sat next to me. After trying to engage in conversation with me, she began ringing everyone in her phonebook. I was becoming wary that she might follow me off the bus, but fortunately she didn’t. Perhaps she didn’t know where she was at all. But I made it home safe anyway!


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