Birthday Treats

Posted: 28.04.07 in Blogging is one year old now! I know this because 1&1 have taken out the money I owe them for the domain. In the last year, I have had many different (and some garish) designs, and I think I have settled with this one!

And I did get a card for this birthday of mine – a credit card. I decided to get one just so that I can improve my credit rating without doing anything; and so that I earn a tiny little bit more interest on my bank accounts. So, being a Nationwide customer, I opted for the Nationwide credit card. The 17.9% APR doesn’t bother, seeing as I will be paying off the balance in full by direct debit. Despite this being my first credit card1, I have a credit balance of £2,000. Not bad, but I doubt I’ll use it.

They say credit is so easy to get hold of. I am an unemployed student living at home. I have a credit facility equating to half my annual earnings. Hmmm…1 I did have a store card with a £300 credit limit.


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