Bayes Of Dismay

Posted: 29.04.07 in Blogging

ARGH! I’m still trying to make headway with my Bayesian Statistics project. I’m slowly getting there. The problem is that I get one task finished then discover a mistake from a couple of tasks before. The result is that I have to do every task after that again. If you have taken a look at the project, then I am on "Task 2". I haven’t got very far. And it’s in for Thursday. It’s a little bit of a worry, but I’ll get there in the end. That is even if I end up doing a 24 hour stretch on Wednesday getting it finished. I have other assignments too.

I have rather wasted this weekend. I received my photos of Japan on Friday and I have uploaded them to Flickr. I also created a video on YouTube (though I am informed the photos and music aren’t quite synchronised – use your imagination!). I wish Bank Holiday weekend was this weekend!


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