As One Project Ends…

Posted: 30.04.07 in Blogging

I might have already grumbled about my options for next year, but I haven’t (at least not here). I was a little disappointed with the lack of options I do have for next year. On deciding I definitely wanted to Coding Theory, the rest of my “options” chose themselves. There were other modules that I fancied doing, but my hands were pretty much tied into doing statistics modules.

Now that I have handed my module choices for next year in, the projects available next year have been released. I can choose five from 14 projects, of which I do the first available “first choice”. Furthermore, I am only interested in one. The other fourth year students can choose from 40 projects and they can probably do what they want in terms of modules. I let my personal tutor know I wasn’t too happy with the module choices. Perhaps I should voice my opinion on the projects too…

  1. GeoffBrady says:

    […] but things seem to conspire against me. I mentioned before about my module and project choices – As One Project Ends… and On Things And Stuff, for example – and how unhappy I was with them. However, I thought these […]

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