On Things And Stuff

Posted: 04.05.07 in Blogging

What is philosophy? Perhaps a better question is, what is philosophy for you?

The fact is, when we think about the same things, we seem to view the same situation with surprising differences. Yesterday I was looking out of the window in Merz Court and it was largely not a spectacular view: it oversees the grey Stephenson Building, the central motorway, and the entrance to Exhibition Park. There were a few trees, and some grass was visible, but there were mostly cars and bricks and concrete and wandering people within the periphery of the window frame. Despite the unremarkable picture, I pressured myself into making the most of the moment. What I saw before me was oddly unique – a sight not to be had from any other window in the world. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have this opportunity to gaze at this sight forever, and that while I am alive I should make the most of the things I can see while not being preoccupied by other things.

Having said that, I have been given a lot of things to think about recently. You would think the most pressing thing would be my exams. But no. Before I know whether I will be allowed to progress next year (this rather depends on my exam results), I have to decide – to quite some detail – what I will be doing in my final year. Sorting out a project is not as easy as I thought it would be, and it seems I might have to change the course I’m enrolled on in order to do what I both feel I want and that I feel I should be doing. This could have ramifications on my financial support too. And I’m trying to sort out somewhere for people to stay during the summer.

I’ll give ya bloody philosophy!

  1. GeoffBrady says:

    […] against me. I mentioned before about my module and project choices – As One Project Ends… and On Things And Stuff, for example – and how unhappy I was with them. However, I thought these things would solve […]

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