Posted: 09.05.07 in Blogging

I got my first ever (proper) credit card today! And its number is… I may be a credit card newbie, but I’m not that naive!

I shall probably buy my season ticket for Newcastle United next season with it, and yes I am getting one. My decision to renew has nothing to do with the current managerial situation (and for them, that’s a good thing). I just feel that it is a good waste of a Saturday afternoon. However, Newcastle United have left it ominously late to announce the season ticket prices for next season. This leads me to expect that once a new manager is hired, the new beginning ploy will give rise to a hike in prices. I don’t think that will be greeted with too much enthusiasm, but I expect that they will still have sell-out games next year.

I expect that the new manager will be given quite a sum to spend over the summer (particularly since many tip some first-team players such as Keiron Dyer to be sold off). I have played my part in this: having bought the new replica shirt and a cushion (I collect them…) I reckon I have bought Sol Campbell’s bootlaces – we just need the rest of him.

  1. Charlotte says:

    I got this link from your wordpress blog and I must say, I love your theme:)About the Japan trip, darn cool; what did you think of the Japanese people? (I’m an editor working for this pvt. ltd. and 98% of our clients are Japanese, so I find it interesting.)

  2. Steve says:

    Glad you like the theme! Made it meself!

    As for the Japanese people, you couldn’t meet any friendlier or helpful. We went into a department store looking for a cash machine. We asked one of the assistants for directions and she bent over backwards to try and help us find it. It transpired we were in the wrong store…

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