Soft Outlook

Posted: 10.05.07 in Blogging

Some things keep me awake at night that really shouldn’t. They are evolutions of the tiny seeds that lead to vastly ranging chains of thought. In particular, a few nights ago, I was thinking about the state of the world.

It spawned from remembering what the children in Japan were like. You would often see infant school-aged children wandering on their own to and from school on the railway network. They do not seem scared or intimidated by the experience – they seem not to have a care in the world. And this led me think that the world is only as happy as its children.

Japan is known for being a place of low street crime. Indeed I noticed that there was very little by way of graffiti. The children seem to be safe wandering alone in the country’s capital. They seem happy enough, and don’t rebel. Compare this to London and indeed many of Britain’s cities, you see that there are stark contrasts. I feel that discontent amongst youth in any nation will lead to discontent later in life. This discontent manifests itself in many ways: through crime and social disobedience, for example.

Tackling poverty in this country is a way of tackling not only youth crime, but crime in later life in the future. At least that is the theory. I would like to see the children of the United Kingdom happy and see our country reap the benefits. However I feel that the hard work proposed and started by Labour might be undone by the Tories, should they win the next election. I’m afraid having David Cameron hug a hoody and pay parents to stay together wouldn’t fill me with confidence. I’ll be sorry to see Tony Blair go.


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