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Posted: 17.05.07 in Blogging

It’s amazing what bargains you can pick up by shopping around.

I wanted to get some Red Hot Chili Peppers albums. I’ve had their Greatest Hits album for a few years now, and I had always enjoyed their music. With any band I take a liking to, it is usually because I have bought their greatest hits albums or bought one of their albums on the cheap. I then like what I hear then proceed to buy all their albums. It happened with Queen, The Police, Dream Theater… and now RHCP.

I went into HMV today, looking at their newest album Stadium Arcadium. On finding it, I saw three different prices for the same album, those being £9.95, £13 and £15. I found the first price the most enticing, though not enough for me to complete the purchase. I did however notice that some of the other albums were on offer: two for £10. I selected By The Way and Californication – both albums I know fairly well but had not extended myself to buy. When it came to buying it, I also thought (cheekily) that I should try to use my student card. 10% off, £9 to pay, thank you very much!

I was also looking for some new earphones. Weiran had alerted me to a company called Sennheiser. They make the Sennheiser CX300, which fit inside the ear. Most places sell for just less than £40 for this pair of earphones. However, I noticed that sell them for £29.99 for the white pair, and £27.99 for the black pair. The silver ones are still around £40. Encouraged by my find, I continued to shop around. I strayed onto Amazon – which isn’t something I normally do – and spotted all three for under £18, so I got the silver one for £17.84 including delivery.

Shop around bargain hunters!


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