European Crap

Posted: 22.05.07 in Blogging

I have quite an intense dislike for Liverpool Football Club. It’s not the manager or the players as such. It’s the fans. They’re not bad as people – they’re good for a laugh, as much as the Geordies – but as supporters of a football, they are nobheads in essence… I feel they are a pretentious breed, demanding and expecting success based on long-gone glories. Pot calling kettle black. Apologies.

But anyhow, yes, the European Cup final is tomorrow, as I am sure you are aware. I have to say that I shall be supporting two teams tomorrow: AC Milan and Sky Sports. Before any cretinous half-witted sad person informs me that I should support the “British” team, I shall politely inform them to remove themselves from my vision before my fingers and his nose are in a state of brokenness. The fact is, I reckon most Liverpool supporters do not give a toss about representing Britain, and had Manchester United gone through to face Liverpool in the final, I would have supported them.

As for Sky Sports, I am glad they will be showing the European Cup final. I will not have to endure Clive Tyldesley’s "unique" commentary – "Hello! Hello! We have a game on here!"… Rather we have, probably, Andy Gray, who does not use each sentence as a one-liner to attempt to cement his place in commentators’ history. Unlike Kenneth Wolstenholme ("They think it’s all over…"), Clive Tyldesley attempts to make himself just as memorable as the occasion ("Remember the name… Wayne Rooney" – as if we could forget…).

Rant over, please return to your single-minded and deluded patriotism and your annoying commentary.

  1. Weiran says:

    Sky Sports -> BSkyB -> evil.

  2. Steve says:

    Well it’s the lesser of two. 😛

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