Posted: 22.05.07 in Blogging

Why oh why oh why? I am terrible when it comes to revision: I always have been. Other people draw up revision timetables; they hide distracting items; they download and print off past papers… But I can’t do any of that. And that has always been the case. I guess it’s testament of the strength of my long-term memory – at least thus far. However I feel that if I applied myself before exams, I could be capable of so much more.

This is my second day of true revision… or rather just copying my notes. It’s not very active, and it’s not too enjoyable either. I should be doing practice questions, past exam papers and assignment questions. But perhaps I won’t learn. I feel that I was blasé and nonchalant during my A-Levels and this has carried on into my degree.

And as if to compound my apathy for revision, I found the word "revision" extremely hard to type quickly without making errors. Bastards!


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