Do Something Good

Posted: 24.05.07 in Blogging

Before you start whimping on about needles you wuss, giving blood is important. If you got hit by a bus and left a nasty mess on the floor, you wouldn’t care if some doc stuck a needle in you and pumped you with blood to replace the stuff you stained the tarmac with. If you donate, you could replace your lost blood with your own! Remarkable.

I do, from time to time, encourage people to donate blood, but there are two reasons why I am today. Please visit NBS blood stock levels to appreciate the current situation. My blood group is O Rhesus positive. My blood can help 84% of patients – that is all that are Rhesus positive. As I write this, we have 5.26 days worth of my kind of blood in our hospitals – much lower than the National Blood Service (NBS) would normally be operating with. O Rhesus negative blood can help pretty much 100% of patients. About 44% of people are blood group O, and their blood is the most useful – if not the most elusive. Having said that, all blood is useful. So if you haven’t given blood, please explore the NBS website and consider giving it a go.

My grandmother is also in hospital and could be given a blood transfusion (Get Well Soon Grandma!). It makes a difference, so bloody do it!


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