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Posted: 26.05.07 in Blogging

I was starting to warm to Apple and its computers. I own an iPod, and was thinking about getting a Mac computer. However, upon visiting its website, I saw the following:

If you're thinking of upgrading to Vista, you're probably aware of its strict hardware requirements. Most will need a new PC, or serious upgrades to their existing PCs, before they can make the upgrade. Many others will take a vastly easier path: get a Mac.

Vista requires a PC with 1GB memory, 15GB of free hard disk space and a powerful graphics card. So upgrading to the new OS can require a significant investment of time and money before you even get around to the Vista part. (Which can also be expensive.)

This whole scenario is an alien one for Mac users. While most PCs more than 18 months old will have "issues" upgrading to Vista, Mac OS X runs on Macs built as long as seven years ago.

From Get A Mac.

So, if I understand correctly, my situation is such that I should go and upgrade to Vista anyway. What frustrates me is that I would like to use Apple’s Mac OS X, but it would cost me about £400 to get the cheapest Mac computer (that being a MacMini) in order to experience it. However, if I were to upgrade to Vista, it cost me between £100 and £200.

I can see their point to a point. If I had bought a Mac about five years ago (back when they would have been of little use to me), I would not have had to upgrade to experience the latest operating system. Having said that, I would have had to upgrade to play the latest games on the Mac anyway.

I could be completely wrong, but going Mac would have been a false economy for me. And I suspect it wouldn’t be worth me changing now.

  1. Weiran says:

    You seem to be discounting the fact that £400 buys you hardware as well as software.

  2. Steve says:

    Not at all. I am considering the fact that I have to fork out for the extra hardware that I already have. Or at least I would do if it were compatible.

    Would you buy the Nintendo Wii on the sole basis that there is one game on the Wii that you want to play that no other console has? If I already had an Xbox 360, for example, then I wouldn’t want to fork out again for another console.

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