Fault Line

Posted: 29.05.07 in Blogging

I despair at mankind, I really do. It appears to take some objective thought to realise why the human race is becoming a burden upon itself. The problem is that we don’t seem to take responsibility for anything any more. There are several examples of this – and they are blindingly obvious.

The Greenhouse Effect: everyone tells us to use less electricity, recycle more, use more public transport and waste less. Do we? I don’t think there is a single person that walks upon this Earth that cannot do anything to improve they live in relation to preserving the environment. Perhaps, in a sense, that is fair enough – it is very difficult not to detrimentally impose oneself on the environment. But do we try? Most of us don’t bother, that’s for sure. A lot of us whinge about the time it takes for us to recycle. A lot of us moan about public transport and plonk our arses in our cars and shift less our brains and more our engines into gear. Many of us now think nothing of keeping the computer and television on for much of the day – whether we are greedily munching what crap we find in our cupboards in front of them or not. I mean, so what if I add a little bit more to the problem? I mean, my contribution is just a mere drop in the ocean really. Ironic that with every drop in the ocean, the ocean gets bigger and the icecaps get smaller.

Compensation: we all want it, for some reason. It is much easier to allay the blame for managing to slip on a wet floor or trip over an uneven pavement than to put your hands up and say "What a wally!". A small niggling thought might linger, that it was your own negligence – but as soon as there is a whiff of someone else’s negligence nearby, you pounce on it. While you’re sitting in your car, making V-signs to all around you – including Mother Nature and her cowering kingdom – if some poor old bloke scrapes your bumper, it’ll be more than his number that you’ll have. “Whiplash, your Honour! I’m suing his arse for every penny he’s got!”. Sure, accidents happen, but apparently karma does not. That’s the sad truth about the world today. Why be liable when some other poor sod can pay to take the blame?

It’s funny. As small children we would strive for more responsibility: being allowed to play outside on our own; having our own keys to the house; owning a mobile phone. But as soon as we are old enough and expected to be responsible for ourselves, we seek to dismiss it at every turn.

  1. Weiran says:

    Have you just turned your own blog into the new hardwords?

  2. Steve says:

    Haha… why change a winning formula eh? :DNah, I’m just in a whingy mood!

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