Jesmond Calling

Posted: 08.06.07 in Blogging

I guess I should really mention last night…

Pretty much everyone who took Maths (and some that didn’t) descended upon the alcohol Mecca of Jesmond to partake in some alcohol consumption. Of course the primary objective of the evening was to hug everyone and promise to stay in touch, but drinking was the basis of the evening. It took me a while to get there, meeting at Bar Blanc around 7.45pm (some had hit the bars when the final exam finished at 11am). Rosie, Jayne, Karen, Fred and Phil were there, so I was probably amongst the last to arrive. I also saw Pete, Paul and Alex around – in fact even George. I was tempted to buy him a drink and to bury the hatchet, but he had disappeared before I could try, and I suspect he would have ignored me anyway.

Nonetheless, the night continued. We went into town to The Gate. Drank some more, before going to the Sports Bar and finally to Mood. That is where I had to leave: my last bus was to leave at 11.08pm. It was sad, but I’m glad I went.


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