Panic Over

Posted: 08.06.07 in Blogging

Well I’ve finished my exams. In terms of difficulty, I don’t think I’ve had a set of exams with such varying degrees of difficulty.

Bayesian Statistics was certainly the hardest. I’ve heard on the grapevine that the original exam transcript submitted by the lecturer was returned because it was deemed too difficult. It would seem that the replacement wasn’t too much better in my eyes, but we shall see how the results go.

The problem is that I can feel confident having got through an exam, however my performance is irrelevant. I could get 90% of the exam right, but get marked down because everyone else got 95%. And it does happen.

I’m feeling a little let down by the university at the moment. It feels like they aren’t too bothered about whether I get a degree or not – making me perform four exams in four days demonstrates that notion (I might have mentioned that fact one or two times…!). But the fact that the University has moved the goalposts that many times that there lies a trench where the goal-line should be annoys me somewhat as my options are extremely limited.

  1. matt says:

    I hate when they stick exams so close like that. I had two 3 day sets. But then think back to A-Level when it was 4 in a day.(different i know)heh. I had a few where everyone needed marks bumping up(quantum mechanics funnily enough) Never had any marks bumped down though.

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