Third Time Lucky

Posted: 12.06.07 in Blogging

Ooh I’m angry! I wasn’t too enamoured by the university as it was, but things seem to conspire against me. I mentioned before about my module and project choices – As One Project Ends… and On Things And Stuff, for example – and how unhappy I was with them. However, I thought these things would solve themselves over time. That is, that I would be given one of the projects I wanted, and my module choices would follow.

Not quite. Of course I didn’t get either of the two projects I wanted and was given my third choice, which I only put down to fill the other gap. I wish I hadn’t, and the fact that being given second choice is uncommon and to get my third choice has left a bitter taste in my mouth. So I’ve been cornered into something I don’t really want to do. I could complain, but what difference does it make? It certainly hasn’t so far.

Many people who graduated this year tell me I’m mad to want to do another year. I can’t disagree.

  1. matt says:

    You should complain and ask for it to be changed, after all it is your degree on the line here.

    I did a project I really didn’t want to this year and didn’t complain. I really wish I had now.

    I don’t know if it will make a differnce at your uni but you should at least try to get it changed.

    Hope it works out,

  2. wl says:

    I’m a bit confused now… is the coming year your third year or your master’s year? If it’s the master’s year, why not try a different uni? Come on, don’t be lazy, search your favorate unis’ course lists. If they offer courses which interest you, don’t hesitate to apply!!! Don’t hesitate to make a change when necessary. It seems you really don’t like your third choice, then make an effort to change the situation when you can! Otherwise you might find yourself struggle with the course in the coming academic year. And that is definitely torture! I made this kind of mistake this year by sticking to the bloody course which I find is beyond me, and that is really stupid. So as a friend who has gone through this kind of thing, I really hope you will consider to make a change. At least have a look at other unis’ courses.

  3. Steve says:

    Well it is my Masters’ year, but it’s different in so much that my entire course is a Masters (so I don’t get a Bachelor degree). In effect this means that I wouldn’t be able to change Uni without a lot of effort and I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to do it this year.

    I’m not unhappy with the project I’ve been given as such – it’s not my area of interest, but I guess it’s quite interesting. It’s more the fact that I have been given my third choice when I suspect that no-one else has.

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