Bad Losers

Posted: 13.06.07 in Blogging

Sheffield United are currently trying to single-handedly sort out the Mascherano-Tevez affair. This is false. The Mascherano-Tevez affair had been sorted out long ago. Instead, Sheffield United are trying to cling onto their disappearing hopes of remaining in the Premiership. They would far rather see some other club removed from the Premiership in order so that they can remain at the expense of others.

To their credit, perhaps Tevez and Mascherano should not have played for West Ham United, and perhaps Tevez still shouldn’t have played for West Ham after the punishment was delivered. But surely Mascherano, by the same token, should not have been playing for Liverpool? Yet Sheffield United have no qualms about Mascherano playing for Liverpool. So this really isn’t about justice.

At the end of the day, a team fielded a player to have a sporting game. Of the games between West Ham United and Sheffield United last season, Tevez played in both, and each side won a game. I don’t think West Ham cheated by fielding the two Argentinians and they did not gain an advantage.

So why bother dredging this all up? Greed. Not exactly sporting, really.


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