Double Cross

Posted: 18.06.07 in Blogging

The plot thickens! In an interesting twist, Liverpool have joined the argument between Sheffield United and The Premier League. It would seem that Rick Parry, Liverpool’s Chief Executive is keen to have West Ham United relegated and Sheffield United reinstated.

This is rather peculiar, since Liverpool obtained Javier Mascherano from West Ham United in an undisclosed deal, and have also been heavily linked with Carlos Tevez: both players whom are at the centre of this dispute. My (perhaps unfounded) suspicions are such that both Tevez and Mascherano are still owned by third-parties. If that is the case, then Liverpool are likely to be dragging themselves down, as there will probably be further investigation into the players’ ownerships.

Even if both Liverpool and West Ham United emerge from this mess without a stain on either’s reputation, it is doubtful that Eggert Magnusson et al at West Ham will be willing to commence any trade of players between the two teams for a while.


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