Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

Posted: 21.06.07 in Blogging

I’ve been having some weird ones lately. Two of note were particularly odd. In the first, some people whom I do not recognise appeared to fancy me, which is rare in itself. In the second, the university appears to have hated me more than I could have imagined, setting some of my exams at the University of Kent at Canterbury, inducing a 700 mile round-trip for those exams. It was even more far-fetched for me to wake up and remember that it wasn’t the exams on my mind, but rather it was someone I was looking for. Even more oddly, there were old crushes in this dream, popping up inexplicably. I wonder what it all means. Perhaps I have been working too hard!

Unfortunately it seems reality is far more mundane. It appears this will be a very uneventful summer.


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