Driving To Distraction

Posted: 25.06.07 in Blogging

My pet hate when it comes to blogs is advertising. There is so much I hate about advertising (except the "Price Cuts" from BT – I want that kid’s hair and his t-shirt…), but putting them on blogs seems worse somehow.

First of all, I ask two things: "Why blog?", and "Why advertise?". If the answer to the first is to make money, then I am of the opinion is that you’re in the wrong game – few blogs make a fortune, and there are by far more lucrative pastimes on the Internet around than just writing.

I feel the ethos of blogging is to write about what you find interesting, give your own personal views on subjects, and also write about your own experiences. The key is that blogs are almost meant to be private, but we let everyone else read them anyway (on the offchance that someone else finds them interesting). But then some of us stick adverts in. It’s like letting out a secret. You are meant to read this blog in order so that I can make a few quid out of you. Furthermore, it’s almost like getting people to your site with the sole purpose to send them away again. Those people must be blogging for a different reason.

My other dislike for advertising on blogs, is that it tends to make the blog seem less prestigious, less special almost. Far too often I come across blogs with fantastic content, nice designs, and inspirational ideas throughout – only to find some poorly formatted box saying "Cheap Laptop Cases" or "Looking for Castration".

I don’t advertise on my sites because I don’t think it adds to it. Even if it would make me a sizeable amount of money, there would be a niggling thought at the back of mind telling me that people don’t visit my site to see the advertising, and the amount of traffic I receive will not be at all altered by having it there. Feel free to call me an anti-capitalist bastard. (And I’m sure some will.)

  1. Maja says:

    Google ads in itself does not bother me as long as they are placed well. Meaning the person having them place them so they don’t bother the view of the content, but still makes a bit of money off their “popularity”. The trick would be to remember that the ads is only a small detail added to the website, not it’s entire point of the website.

    However, when you start writing material based on profit (say payperpost) that’s when the blog stops being personal. Because then it really is “all about the money”.

  2. Steve says:

    I can’t disagree. I suppose there is a fundamental difference between making money off your site and building your site to make money.

  3. Weiran says:

    There is nothing wrong with making money from your blog, especially if you pre-approve the adverts (e.g. not contextual ads like Adsense).

    I don’t see how putting ads on your blog violates your “ethos of blogging”, and many blogs can earn enough for a decent living while still being personal. Infact monetising your blog will encourage you and provide you with more resources (time) to post.

  4. Steve says:

    Feel free not to answer – it’s a personal question – why did you decide to put adverts on your blog in the first place?

  5. Weiran says:

    To make some money, it covers all hosting costs and gives me a (very) small income on the side. It’s enough to cover my costs of going out every week anyway.

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