Posted: 28.06.07 in Blogging

It’s been a peculiar 24 hours this day passed. Yesterday I went to Jayne’s for a barbeque. I was expecting to be the man in the corner in a family do, but it was for the ‘Maths crew’, which was a relief and a nice surprise. My original intention was to get the last bus back, which would have left at a quarter past six yesterday evening. However, as usual, everything got confused. I ended up staying the night with the others.

Many told a lie or two that evening, and I was no exception. Some extraordinary truths were also told, which stayed within the "Barbeque holiday"…

Jayne’s dad kindly gave me a lift back home, which I felt extremely guilty for having taken, particularly seeing as I had imposed myself so much the previous night. When I got home, I was almost immediately bombarded by phone calls for the ad Mum placed in the paper for our old telly. It wasn’t bad – a 28″ widescreen flatscreen television with original stand. It was a CRT model, but it was only £25. We gave it to a bloke who’s (now ex-) girlfriend fleeced him of everything while he was away working with Formula 1. Apparently.

And further still, it seems I might be seeing the old Kent boys after all – Nick wanted something doing, so he’s done it himself. And I might be getting my exam results on Saturday. Or Monday. Damn that postal strike! The only thing that will come of this strike is to ensure their own future job losses. But each to their own…


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