Drugs And Rock 'n' Roll

Posted: 29.06.07 in Blogging

You know it’s funny how you can get a particular idea or impression about someone before you’ve even seen them. I have to say that I thought Pete Doherty was a bit of a drug-fueled twerp, whose talent is only noted for the people he stays around.

But I have to say, having watched Friday Night With Jonathan Ross tonight, my impression of him has changed. Coupled with his Wikipedia entry, he appears to be an educated, introverted poet with a panache for words. He also seems rather delicate and fragile, and perhaps his drug-taking is part of his personality to such a degree that it accentuates his music, like other writers such as those in The Beatles, for example. Perhaps he fears his talents might wane should he cease his drug intake.

I’m still not too keen on the music, but perhaps I might start more attention to his lyrics.


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