Lacks Lyrical

Posted: 06.07.07 in Blogging

I have a blog (in fact I have two) at, known simply as The Songs Of Geoff Brady. I’ve been writing songs for my stepbrother’s band (of which I have my doubts over its existence, largely down to a lack of a band name), but recently I’ve hit a bit of a writers’ block. The eighteen songs on there vary quite a lot in terms of quality, and perhaps the more I’ve written songs, the less originality is in them.

I would seek more inspiration from the type of music my stepbrother is interested in, but I don’t due to a combination of factors: fear, lack of interest and an unwillingness to either steal or pay over the odds to obtain such tracks are a few. I’ve thought about basing a song on a work of literature, but the same reasons for not doing so apply here too. So any inspiration is appreciated! 🙂


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