Him Off The Telly

Posted: 07.07.07 in Blogging

These last few weeks I have been driving my friends nuts talking about my liking for the hair and the t-shirt adorned by the kid in the BT advert. I am please to inform all that read this that I have managed to acquire my own copy of that t-shirt: it happens to be on sale at Topman. It wasn’t my original intention to get it, rather I expected that I would be unable to get one so I would settle for anything similar. The fact that it was the same was a bonus. It cost £12.60 (with student discount) from the Eldon Square branch, Newcastle.

My other purchase yesterday was a new electric shaver. My old one was a Christmas present from when I was 14, so being seven years old and cutting like a feather duster it was time for a new one. Boots are having a bit of a sale, so I obliged. I forked out £24.99 for a Remington R320. Tasty.

I also still do not have Dream Theater’s Systematic Chaos CD+DVD, largely down to the ineptitude of a certain company that won’t be named here.

I’ll name it here instead. If you want to purchase any solid music, don’t visit CD WOW.


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