Flat Pack

Posted: 12.07.07 in Blogging

Today I did what can only be described as the most trying flat pack piece of furniture I have ever done. That is saying something. I have completed ones with bits missing; I’ve done ones that didn’t fit through the door and thus had to be taken apart; I built two wardrobes and three chests of drawers in a one-day sitting. This one took the biscuit.

And it was unexpected. For the price that was paid, for it to be a flat pack was a bit gobsmacking. And it took me four hours to complete. I should tell you that it’s an "entertainment unit" in black glass and brushed metal, with a built in adjustable arm on which a television is attached. Man it was hard. And I lost a day doing that!

Oh well. I’m trying to stay awake to watch the second Copa America semi-final, the first of which I had unwittingly missed last night. In case you missed it too, Brazil beat Uruguay 5-4 on penalties I believe. Tonight it is Mexico v Argentina.


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