Rip Off

Posted: 20.07.07 in Blogging

I am annoyed. There are so many inconsistencies between various media that it leads me to think they are out for every copper they can get ("ah yes, the penny drops!" I hear you say…). But these inconsistencies are that blatantly obvious, it’s as if the fat cats are sitting there all day sitting there with a V-sign pose at the window to all of us all day every day.

Compare music CDs and movie DVDs. If I receive a music CD, I can rip my music to just about any format I want, and put it wherever I want, to enjoy as I please. I can put it on my iPod and take it anywhere I like. Whether it is legal or not (which is a bone of contention for some), there are a multitude of different programs I can use to achieve this unheeded.

Now I have downloaded the trial version of PowerDVD Copy 5 from InterVideo or Corel, or whoever they are. It will copy any DVD to any format, and even straight to your iPod… fantastic! Until you actually try it. If you look on the support forums on their website, it tells you that it cannot copy protected DVDs, and in fact the program does not even seem to recognise them. They make a point of explaining that if they were to allow copying of protected content, they would be breaking the law. Not a single DVD I own is free from protection, and I suspect the situation is similar for most. So is this the most pointless program in the world?


  1. Weiran says:

    One product does have a license from Macrovision to decrypt their protection on DVDs, but thats a £10,000 media unit thats designed to store all your DVDs on hard drives.

    By the way, you can decrypt DVDs for free now with lots of software, including ones that remove the encryption layer on-the-fly so PowerDVD Copy will see the disc as unencrypted.

  2. Scott says:

    Indeed, Weiran, there are several free decrypting programs, my personaly favourite is actually a Mac OS only program called “Mac The Ripper”- have you tried it Weiran?

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