The Future Ain't Bloody Orange

Posted: 27.07.07 in Blogging

Aside from their appalling adverts and their high-end price plans, Orange have been annoying me further this week.

In short, I want out. I have had this SIM card of theirs for about five years now. I’ve changed my phone once (out of my own pocket, of course) and otherwise I have just gone about my business of using the phone for whatever I please, and paying for it. Admittedly I haven’t had much dealings with the customer service at Orange, which I have been led to believe are good. However, to say this is not my experience without using any expletives or general insults would be doing my current feelings towards this batch of morons (oops, just couldn’t resist) some discredit.

Perhaps email isn’t the best way to achieve a quick response, but I emailed Three and they rang me back within an hour; O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile responses were comparatively lightning fast. Orange however, despite a number of emails sent their way, could manage little more than a generic response confirming receipt of my email for each one I’ve sent, and an email asking me to deal with my own problem, though perhaps this was not intended for my eyes.

Orange, you’re crap.


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