Dogs And Mad Englishmen

Posted: 29.07.07 in Blogging

I was thinking last night how you can measure the richness of a country’s history by the number of and by the degree by which its people are eccentric. Britain has no shortage of mad people: we are famous the world over for talking incessantly about the weather. And having produced the likes of Boris Johnson, Rowan Atkinson and my grandparents, that is the argument pretty much won.

This week, I shall be visiting another part of this country. This is my dad’s old stomping ground – Boston, Lincolnshire. I shall be staying there this week with my (maternal) grandparents. So I won’t be blogging any more until I’m back. Sorry!

Meanwhile, submissions for the SDC have now been closed. I’m hardly going to set the world alight with my three designs (apparently that’s not cheating…!), it was a good lesson for me to try to envisage and implement my own design to an existing theme… three times.

As for releasing my designs, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s best to see how well received they are before contemplating unleashing my monstrosities to the world. I guess I’m saying "If you like it, tell me", then I’ll do something about it. They will appear on the Designs page on 2nd August, I believe.

  1. adam says:

    release early, release often!
    yes, they will appear on the designs page, and on the live preview. scott was talking about making the entries available as 1 big download as well, don’t know if he’s still thinking of that.but you should release your designs! i’ve been pleasantly surprised each of the times i’ve visited here and seen a new design.

  2. Scott says:

    Yep. I’m thinking I’m going to put together a torrent for all the submissions, but I’d like the participants to get the traffic they deserve by hosting their own designs. I know that not everyone can, so that’s where the torrent comes in. I’m swamped at the moment. 😛

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks guys!

    I’m working on it!

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