The Fens

Posted: 06.08.07 in Blogging

I am back after a week in a place far away, where there is no Internet (yes, that’s right, my grandparents’ house). I came back to a miserly three pieces of post and about fifty emails. Once sifted (which didn’t leave much), I started to set about my usual business. So I was pretty bored for much of the day.

I did however manage to listen to all of Dream Theater‘s Systematic Chaos. It improves with every listen, so I’m pleased with it.

And in the meantime while I was away in that parallel universe – the extremely localised heat-wave-cum-sauna – that is my grandparents’ brand-spanking new bungalow, the SDC has been hotting up.

I’ve had a look at "the competition" 😉 . And I don’t stand a chance! However, I’ve been pleased with the responses so far, and I’m thinking about working further on some of my themes. But we shall see! 🙂


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