Money, Money, Money!

Posted: 11.08.07 in Blogging

I had an astounding set of news yesterday. I went to the Arriva Bus website yesterday: I don’t link it for good reason… Last year I paid £270 for my annual pass (which actually only covers September to June, the use of the word "annual" is a loose definition of the pass). Arriva have hiked the price of this pass to £450. I don’t think I should discuss this any further, as I make a point of trying not to use expletives on my website.

I have also spent a bit of money – £79.99 to be precise – on a new phone. My new Nokia 6300 for T-Mobile is on order at The Link, and I should receive it within five days. However, my recent experiences of retail websites haven’t been the best of late… Still remember to avoid CD Wow! and Woolworths! But I’m looking forward to a change from Orange, who really don’t seem fresh and enticing at the moment at all; and I think going back to Nokia from the wilderness of my Motorola V635 will be a rewarding pleasure.

And finally, the pièce de resistance if you will, my Newcastle United season ticket smart card came through today… all £482 worth. That beast will provide me in excess of 1,700 minutes of excruciating pain, unbounded glee and swirly scarf-waving. My student loan has certainly had a bit of a kicking this year!


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