Posted: 16.08.07 in Blogging

So I went to York today. It was a lovely day – despite all the warnings from the various weather programmes on the telly. We first hit the National Railway Museum, which was quite good: especially for being free! The biggest shame was that the Flying Scotsman locomotive – the world famous engine – is currently in hundreds of pieces undergoing maintenance. So that was a pity.

The Yorkshire Wheel was pretty good. For £6 you go round three times with an audio commentary of what you can see. The views aren’t that spectacular to be honest… the landmarks of note are few… but you don’t often get the opportunity to be suspended 60 metres in the air, rocking in the wind, being told that some monarch labelled York the worst smelling city in his kingdom (I didn’t catch which monarch said this…).

After that, we went into the town for a little exploring. It would be quite easy to get lost in York if it weren’t for the excellent signposting. The shops vary between the old and new; the independents and the High Street brands. It is rather similar to Canterbury.

The only major downer on the day was the trains. Whilst booking the tickets, I endeavoured to use only Virgin Trains, since they have a nicer ride. But the Pendolinos seem to be rather reliable. The trip on the way there was delayed by fifteen minutes because of "technical problems" – they couldn’t download the seat reservations (again). And the return trip was delayed by 30 minutes, and arrived fifty minutes later at Newcastle than scheduled. It probably hasn’t been the best week for them… they wanted the East-Coast Mainline contract but National Express won it. At least GNER are punctual and I hope National Express maintain this. Anyway, I digress… York good, Virgin bad!


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