Grave For Dave

Posted: 22.08.07 in Blogging

I don’t like to get too political, unless either I feel strongly about something, or something is so ridiculous it is worth mentioning. This is one such occasion.

David Cameron hasn’t had a good week. When he isn’t making an arse out of himself, someone else seems to be doing it for him. After all the media’s guffaws at the gaffes over the Conservative’s hospital "report", with apologies given then retracted, Cameron goes and says this:

Common sense suggests that with young people you need to hit them where it hurts: in their lifestyle and their aspirations.

If someone claims that common sense suggests that punishing youths faced with no future is to make sure they have absolutely no hope, I would suggest that this person has no common sense.

This quote is from a story on the BBC News website, where Cameron suggests that young offenders should be immediately barred from driving. This seems a little backward from the Tories: promoting civil liberties with one hand and taking them away with the other.

The real problem the Tories face when tackling social disorder is that they have absolutely no clue. A lot of what they "know" about social imbalances and antisocial behaviour is what is found in newspapers. It is akin to me commenting about the state of Iraq: I have no clue because I have never been there. But for Cameron to come up with hair-brain schemes to combat these problems, which really aren’t any better than trying to hug all the hoodies, is akin to me saying that we should solve all the problems in Iraq by banning all bombs.


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