Round Trip

Posted: 22.08.07 in Blogging

I went to Sittingbourne on Sunday in time for Pete’s 21st birthday. We went on a pub crawl around Minster, which was better than the rest of us had anticipated. It was quiet, but thoroughly enjoyable. None of us got that drunk apart from Carly, who remembers very little about her tirades and losing her shoe.

I stayed for Monday too. I spent much of the day in Herne Bay, at Pete, Donna and Russell’s new place. We went off to play crazy golf on the seafront; I lost to James by five shots, though that was largely down to playing the ball out of bounds. And that couldn’t have been my fault…

In the last leg of my return journey I took the bus back home to Cramlington. We didn’t get far before someone else on the top deck began complaining to the bus driver about some unruly children. I believe they were throwing around bits of newspaper, being mouthy and swearing. The bus driver pulled over, came up to warn the children, but to no avail. He started driving again but the kids continued, and the bloke went down to complain again. The bus pulled over, but soon set off again. The man came back up and shouted, "The only reason why the driver won’t chuck you off is because you’re kids!"

So this probably wasn’t the best example of how to treat a mutiny on the bus.


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