Not On Your Telly

Posted: 25.08.07 in Blogging

I went to Edinburgh on Thursday for a day trip with Mum. We went on the train, which was an hour and a half there and two hours back. It was of course the height of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Never before had I seen so much lunacy in the confines of a few streets. There would be close-harmony singers, men in body stockings, groups in Elizabethan dress; all trying to persuade bemused passers by to visit their "award winning" shows.

We couldn’t go there without visiting its imposing castle, which took up most of the time we were there. I felt it was a bit of a mixed back. We’ve been to all the Kent castles, and of course Alnwick Castle, so we were expecting large ornate stately rooms and plush living quarters. Most of what we saw were rooms converted in order to display artefacts of Scottish military history. Although that was quite interesting, it was a little disappointing not to see the rooms with some explanation of their original use. You can’t argue that the views from the castle aren’t stunning though.

Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. BBC One was named Terrestrial Channel of the Year; Doctor Who was named Programme of the Year; and from a shortlist compiled by nominations made by the public, somehow ITV2 was named non-terrestrial channel of the year. What do I know about television?


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