To Shame

Posted: 04.09.07 in Blogging

Jane Tomlinson died today after a long fight against cancer, but not before raising over £1.75 million for charity. Of course, the money she raised will be of little comfort to her husband and her three children she survives, but I’m sure they all feel a great sense of pride in her achievements.

To be honest, I wasn’t fully aware of her achievements until today, which is unfortunate. Her extraordinary feats of achievement against her ailing body coupled with her determination to improve the lives of those in a similar position to her made her an inspiration to those that followed her.

But this is a personal blog. And as I write this I feel the shame I have in myself, for being able-bodied yet doing nothing. I keep having ideas of grandeur in my mind, of how I can do what I want to achieve, but I never make any inroads into seeing them through.

I guess that what makes Jane Tomlinson different from most of us, and that’s why we’re sad now that she’s gone. Hopefully she will have inspired others to find the hidden power within them.

  1. helen says:

    Yes she did well when you think she was only given a short time to live. Just shows what can be done if you put your mind to it.

    By the way happy birthday, I know it’s some time soon.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Helen! Yeah it’s on the 11th… whenever that is!

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