University Challenge

Posted: 09.09.07 in Blogging

I haven’t written about my mind in a while. To be honest I’ve done my level best to occupy my mind on other things. But you get reminders about certain things on a regular basis that spur you to think about important things, or rather things that are important to you.

There are two things that I think about a lot. Firstly, university. It has been getting me down a bit in recent months (or is that recent years?). The latest farce is the timetabling – of the thousands of modules available at the university, and of the millions of combinations I could pick modules from them, I manage to pick two within the School of Maths and Stats that clash. I’ve emailed my personal tutor who is “looking into it”, but the deadline for locking down the timetable has passed, and I expect that nothing has happened. I wonder why I stay there sometimes.

The second thing is my future. It’s quite a varying subject: but I think about what I might be doing in, say, ten years time. Where might I be? Who might I be with? What might I be doing? I could be in my own house earning loads and being generally rather successful. I could be in the circus with the rest of the clowns. I could still be at home paying off my student loan.

Is it something I should worry about? I think the resounding answer is yes, though many might try to persuade me otherwise. It would be the worry if nothing else that spurred me to take action. And there belies the problem. In my mind, I don’t worry about the future, I just accept it is going to happen and go with the flow. There doesn’t much point in making plans because there is no status quo, no norm. Things change as a habit and trying to make plans is a futile process because they too will have to change.

Or maybe that’s just me.


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