Off I Go Again

Posted: 15.09.07 in Blogging

I have been meaning to post a ‘review’ of my birthday, but I wasn’t sure what to say. Obviously, what I will say is a thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes (and to those that would have done had I given fair warning!). It wasn’t an epic day by any means, but still an enjoyable one. Twenty-two is a strange age. It’s the first one that doesn’t really mean anything, and isn’t a significant milestone. Therefore I was quite lucky to get the gifts I did, and not to get the proverbial socks and slippers.

From Dad, Karen and my stepbrothers – via a voucher – I got the CDs Train Of Thought by Dream Theater, and Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers, plus Los Amantes del Círculo Polar (The Lovers of the Arctic Circle) on DVD. From Mum – via money – I got some new togs and some spending money for my holiday on which I shall be going to tomorrow (more on that later!); plus she had bought my the final Harry Potter book. My sister bought me a book of newspaper clippings from Newcastle United’s season last year. It was a thoughtful gift, though I’m not sure I can bring myself to read it! I also got money from my grandparents; my aunty and uncle; and my great aunts. Thanks to all!

So tomorrow, I’m off to Kent. My friends and I are off for our annual "jolly boys’ outing" to Center Parcs. Hopefully it will get me back into shape, for a good reason. Today I received a letter asking me to consider becoming a platelet donor. It’s not easy to explain, so if you want to find out exactly what it is and what it entails, visit the National Blood Service website. I hope this will prompt me into taking better care of myself, since I reckon such regular donations would be impossible with my current lifestyle. It’s diet changes that I need to concentrate on – making sure I have a proper breakfast and eat more red meat (not many people get to say that!).


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