The Duck And Rabbit

Posted: 23.09.07 in Blogging

It’s always good to see the old gang; and indeed the new gang. I met Nick’s girlfriend Belle for the first time, and she is very pleasant.

The holiday took a more casual tone this time round, largely down to the fact that everyone had some sort of ailment at some point in the holiday. Nick, Belle and I seemed to have picked up the same bug; Donna was a bit poorly; and Pete ran into the squash court, quite literally.

Quite a collection of wildlife came to us in our villa: various kinds of duck – including “Geordie Duck”, a black and white variety – moorhen, rabbits and a fawn came to the rear door. The ducks were rather friendly too, to the point that some were willing to eat bread out of my hand.

The beauty in going to Center Parcs at this time is that only parents with very young children are there, and the place is by far more peaceful. It meant that for much of the time there were tennis courts and badminton courts free. We should have paid really, but for the most part we didn’t bother. It did mean my badminton arm improved… slightly. My cricket arm didn’t, however.

Looking forward to next year already!


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