Return To The Fold

Posted: 27.09.07 in Blogging

So I’m back at uni. I went in yesterday for a talk on the fourth year; and I went in today to finalise registration. That has been a laugh…

Registration for me began three weeks ago. The process began about two months ago: I received a letter with my latest exam results informing me that the university will be using an online registration system this year. I suspect this is largely down to jealousy of the several other universities that have already adopted such a system. However, rather like many other ill-conceived and under-developed ideas that the university has produced in recent times, the system has greeted me with ignorance and abuse.

There is a neat little system whereby if the course you were registered for has changed, you can flag a ticket to have it changed by the relevant officials. When the ticket finally makes its way to that relevant official, the system withdraws the ticket. I’m not sure whether it was meant to be designed in that way, but I suspect either it wasn’t; or it was designed to do that and it naturally confuses all those using it. Anyway, I think I’m registered.

I remembered something today. It is Freshers’ Week this week, and I remembered how they smell. It’s peculiar and I’m not entirely sure how it happens. I recall the day I moved into my student flat as a Fresher myself, and the same smell was there. It is of beefburgers cooked the night before. I have experienced that smell since, and I smelled it again today. I don’t even think it’s body odour: it’s just… weird. Maybe they should just not visit McDonald’s on their first night in a student flat.


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