Bad Business #1

Posted: 05.10.07 in Blogging

How do you make a failing product even worse? By removing half the features. Just one of the many lessons of which I am not sure Sony are trying to teach or learn. According to the BBC News website, Sony will be offering a ‘cut price’ PlayStation 3 next month. It’s not just the price that’s smaller though: bucking the trend of other companies increasing the standard hard drive size, Sony will fit this version with a smaller hard drive, at 40GB instead of 60GB. Memory card slots have been removed and there are fewer USB ports to make way for err… And to tantalise you still further, all backwards compatibility with the other Sony PlayStation consoles has been removed. And this is all for the bargain price of £299.

Need I write a conclusion? I wasn’t too keen on the PS3 anyway. For the fun factor, I’d have gone for the Nintendo Wii. Failing that, the Xbox 360 is by far better value and it doesn’t look like a black plastic fridge.


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