Bad Business #2

Posted: 09.10.07 in Blogging

I’ve just been reading the BBC News article War of words amid postal strike. I wonder whether the CWU really have considered the future implications of their strike action.

In my view – though obviously not through the eyes on an expert it must be said – Royal Mail is almost definitely facing job losses. This can occur through one of two scenarios.

  1. Royal Mail accepts the terms of the strike. Royal Mail doesn’t modernise, and it retains the alleged 40,000 faced with the axe. If that happens, Royal Mail will continue to lose millions of pounds per week: thousands face redundancy.
  2. Royal Mail rejects the terms of the strike. Then the strikes continue, and Royal Mail’s clients look elsewhere. Royal Mail will lose more than just millions per week: the whole workforce faces being laid off, with no pensions, and nothing to moan about.

There is a third choice of course. Let Royal Mail modernise, let it win back the business it has lost in the last five years, let the future take care of itself. But the future is the last thing in the CWU‘s thoughts, it seems.

  1. Weiran says:

    This strike is really the last straw for me; I’m missing crucial student loan documents because of this.

    My next parcel delivery will be sent via another company. Its just a shame that no-one else provides any letter mailing facilities.

  2. Steve says:

    Well actually they do… since 1st January 2006, the Royal Mail monopoly on letter-sending ended. However, of course it is much easier to find red post boxes and sending Royal Mail is so much more convenient.

    And also, try finding a single company on the Internet. I just tried in vain, so I wouldn’t know where to start. You would think these other companies would take opportunity and advertise like they never have before during the strikes.

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