Let Your Heart Rule Your Head

Posted: 14.10.07 in Blogging

I was watching repeats of Mind, Body and Kick Ass Miracles again on UKTV G2 and I was once again intrigued. It has helped me realise what is possibly my greatest flaw: I think too much.

Martial artists across the East work hard to remove thought and develop instinct as a basis for their defence. The result is that more often than not their response to an action is the right one. In context, I guess this means that I should listen to my heart more than I do my head. But it’s not easy; and that is why there is a gulf of difference between those practising martial arts and those that master them.

It really is very hard. My heart would dictate that I did things that I would – in my mind at least – find intrinsically wrong in so much that it would cause more problems than it would solve. And my fears, hopes, dreams and memories all exist solely in my mind, and the more I think about them, the greater they become. I’m frightened my heart will make mistakes where my brain would be satisfied with the status quo.

If my heart wrote this blog it would probably be a more entertaining read.


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