Looking For Tips

Posted: 23.10.07 in Blogging

I’m on the Uni computers at the moment. I’ve just looked at my theme and it doesn’t look nearly so nice on a CRT monitor with fingermarks and God knows what else smeared across the screen. I can tell you the keyboards aren’t that clean either… So you might see some changes afoot… like prompting the ISS to get proper screens.

Or perhaps I should have taken heed of my own advice: I’m writing for the 34SP WordPress blog with the intention of directing poor misguided folk through WordPress installations; creating and uploading themes and picking out plugins for their site. I’m not exactly sure why I am doing this: I am meant to be getting free hosting for this but it does not seem to have materialised…

  1. wl says:

    Hi, Steve! Haven’t visited your blog for a long time. Urgh…have been really busy during the past months. And my previous laptop broke down so I’ve lost your website address. Luckily just now your wordpress address came into my mind, and I tried it and got here. It seems you are posting on both sites? I was reading your posts I missed during the past months. Hehe I’ve also replaced my old phone with a Nokia 6300. It looks simply yet smart. But I’m still on Orange. I think its pay as you go deal is the best.

    I’ve moved to London and now I’m studying on another MA course at SOAS. I like London for its liveliness and loads of beautiful parks. I remember you said you were not sure about the course options you have for your master’s year. Are you happy with what you are doing now? I hope you find the course enjoyable.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi wl! Pleased to see you back!

    I ended up changing course in order to get nearer to what I wanted. I still didn’t get things exactly how I wanted them, but I suppose compromise was the only way to go to get some satisfaction!

    The other site (stevieb.wordpress.com) is my ‘Great North Run’ blog, with a journal on my attempt to gain fitness… I haven’t run in a few days so I haven’t updated it!

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