Posted: 29.10.07 in Blogging

As I speak to you, I’m freezing my nuts off typing with rigid, icicle-bestowed fingers; suffering as a result of no-one knowing when to turn the air conditioning off.

In Merz Court, things were different. It was like a sauna! You could sit down with a bottle of water and after ten minutes you’d stir in your sugar, dip in a teabag, and bask in the heat. If it was wet outside, you could count on jungle-like conditions in that computer room. But here, you have to make do with trying to trap the heat from the case fan before the whirring gods get at it…

Anyway, I was in town today. Christmas decorations everywhere. If you were frozen for twenty years and saw everything on display, you wouldn’t know whether it was Christmas, Halloween or Bonfire Night. Fair enough: let us buy Christmas decorations and things, so we can be prepared for the big day. But there is absolutely no reason to set up Santa’s grotto, and festoon the complex with gaudy decorations.

So it got me thinking – as it does – what should I give up for Lent? Easter is early this year, and as such Lent begins on 8th February – so not very long at all! So I must prepare… what do you think I should give up for Lent?

  1. Colin says:

    Give up a chiuaua. 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Lol erm… eh?

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