What About Us?

Posted: 03.11.07 in Blogging

Perhaps the biggest debate going on in the football world at the moment is ‘should there be a winter break?’. There are contributors from just about everyone to all sides of the story… that is, except for the fans.

I am in support of the winter break, and there is a simple reason. Supporters seem to be the last consideration of the football authorities, and this is why they insist on staging matches on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The problem with this is that there is absolutely no public transport on these days, and thus supporters like myself cannot get to these matches. Unless of course they have access to a car, which is another assumption that the authorities have… but that’s a different article…

Last year, when we were handed a home game against Manchester United on New Year’s Day, we found we couldn’t go because there was no public transport. I emailed Newcastle United and the Premier League. Newcastle United didn’t bother responding – they never do – and the Premier League’s response was so poor and inappropriate it would not be worth me describing what it said.

As it happens, my grandad was able to give us a lift to the game last year, and Newcastle United’s home game against Manchester City has been moved to 2nd January. But giving us a winter break would be a sign that the supporters matter every bit as much as some rich guy from that glorious place called ‘television’.


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