Social Engineering

Posted: 23.11.07 in Blogging

You might be wondering what has gone on in my life over the last week. Chances are you haven’t, but nonetheless I shall tell you. Perhaps the biggest change is the fact that I dyed my hair black over the last weekend. The results are rather peculiar.

And I’m not talking about my hair colour — it’s black. (Actually, it’s not as black as it was: I went for semi-permanent and it’s beginning to wash out.) It’s more how people have interacted with me since going from blond to black.

I didn’t have much to do with the rest of those doing the Masters degree. There just didn’t seem much point any more, sadly. The extent of our socialising was to acknowledge passing them with a mumbled greeting. However, this changed on Monday. While no-one made a mention of my change in follicle apparel, simple conversations began.

It wasn’t all good though. Coming home Tuesday afternoon, the bus was particularly busy (or is that ‘bussy’?) and just about every seat was taken. In fact they all were: apart from the seat next to me. I am fairly sure that I didn’t smell too bad, so the only explanation I could understand was my change in hair colour. It was never a problem while I was blond. It’s just peculiar.

  1. wl says:

    Haha, give us a photo of your new image please!

  2. Steve says:

    Almost unfortunately, the hair dye has almost completely been washed out, but perhaps next time I dye it, I’ll stick a picture up. 😛

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